Welcome to Fantasy FM

logo9Fantasy FM (the original concept) started broadcasting from North London in August 1989 on 98.6 FM. It played Acid, Rave & Hardcore music, all of which was massive at the time, and was also dominating the mainstream music charts too, during the time it on air. During the early part of 1990, they changed frequency to 98.1 FM, which would remain their spot on the FM dial until it closed down in 1991.

The reason for closing down was so they could start broadcasting on Cable TV, which was new here in the UK at the time and was also carrying radio stations, although this plan never materialised in the end. They were also planning to apply for some new incremental FM licenses that the government at the time were due to advertising. Fantasy FM (the original concept) had many DJ’s such as Hype, Eazy-E, Tricks, GForce, Krome, Rap, JT, Spice, Tek and The Mystery Man. All the presenters had their own styles, some preferred to mix live on air with very little speech, others your more standard type of presenter, reading out requests/shout-outs etc, most of which came in via pager at the time. They also used to hold rave nights at the Astoria nightclub in Charing Cross, London WC2. Some of the DJ’s who played at these events were Fabio & Grooverider, Colin Favor & Randall, as well as other DJ’s. These Rave nights carried on after the station had closed down in 1991.