Dear Listeners


Four years ago I made a mistake and copied an original (who is no longer using it) Fantasy FM DJ’s name, I came clean back then and apologised realising it was wrong and could cause confusion, everyone at the time accepted that apology and we moved on.

I NEVER said I was from the original Fantasy FM, that is a lie cooked up by those who are wanting to destroy me, what I did say was that I made (and I still stand firmly by this) transmitters back in the late 80’s, and some was for Pirate Radio stations all over Essex Herts and North London, Fantasy being based in Hackney I thought maybe they were one of them, but I NEVER said it actually was, in fact, I wasn’t very vocal about it instead leaving it open to guessing as I wasn’t 100% sure myself. 

My goal has ONLY ever been to bring together like-minded fans and followers of the music and the scene that we all loved back in the rave days, NEVER have I made Fantasy about me, and I challenge anyone to find where I did so, to me it was a huge honour to pay tribute and homage to the original icon that was no more, celebrating everything that was Fantasy and those involved, including (who is like a rave god to me) Phill (Foxy) the creator, founder and champion of it all back then, across all the pages and platforms you will see that to be the case rather than this vengeful bunch of bile to portray me as a criminal and a bad person.

This is the final time I will ever speak on this, but the facts are, I am NOT the bad person they want to make me out to be, I have been nothing but kind and loving to each and everyone involved from the Jocks to the listeners, again I challenge you to show me otherwise. Go back to those conversations I had, the endless chats and discussions, I think you will see someone who is not perfect (hell who is) but is a far cry from that I am being portrayed by these nasty venomous people feeding you all with anti-Gaz propaganda. 


Team Fantasy FM