Fantasy FM Statement

Dear Oldskool Fantasy FM fans and followers.

We are actually stunned…we can not understand how anyone can not see this as anything more than a POWER GRAB.

The post tonight literally has not a single shred of evidence to support or back up anything they claim... think about that for a minute…

In a court of law, these scoundrels trying to hijack 10 years of our work and effort would be quashed instantly because they have no claim what so ever to it, and don't for one minute think giving Fantasy to an original DJ is not code for 'WE WANT FANTASY FM'

Why...because we are the legal owners of the name (Fantasy FM and the logo) but more so the dedication and the thousands if not millions of hours of work over a ten year period, to name a few - the website, the digital online radio station, the app, the flyers, the roster, the endless support to get DJ’s up and running, these are just a tiny amount of the hours of dedication we put in, none of which those who are challenging us did, yes be shocked…they contributed nothing to that, yet you want to believe a couple of DJ’s who just turned up for two hours once a week and then disappeared for days/week with no input? others did more, but never to the levels of us, again think about that for a minute…

We are at a complete loss how people can believe just one/two persons baseless lies and rhetoric just because they said so.

What next…If they said the earth is flat you will believe them?

Again let us remind you of one (of many) of the fundamental flaws (It’s been up since 2016) -

We have never claimed to be the original Fantasy FM with Foxy, come on that was 30 years ago when the digital age never existed.

Our site and organisation has only ever been to remember, love, honour and cherish the icon that is Fantasy FM, and hugely the legendary Foxy/Mistery Man who created it all.

Over our time we have in fact received message's of support from DJ Rap, DJ Tricks, and yes DJ G-Force (Gary Gamble) who even gave us advise about going dab or FM, hell we even tried to see if he was up for doing a special guest show which he was considering.

Going forward our goal has simply been to honour Fantasy FM, remember the good times, cherish it, and above all continue the music, the rave, and the legacy we as oldskool fans enjoy.

Fantasy FM (the new) is nothing more than respecting those that did it back then.

We are not done, we will not be taken over by a few.

We are Fantasy FM

Fantasy FM Management

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