Sunday, 13 January at 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Catch me every Saturday between 6pm-8pm (GMT) for ‘Saturday Strange’ where we get weird and go back to 1988-92 oldskool Acid House & Techno. I tend to play on the underground side of things with a few bigger tracks thrown in here and there but generally avoiding the overplayed anthems as I believe there’s a lot of great underground music out there that doesn’t really get the play it deserves and there’s plenty of folk supporting the big tracks so I leave that job to them. All my shows are Technics & vinyl… my CDJ’s are only used to run jingles and cook pizzas.

Have always been a lover of all music and still am. Discovered the joys of House music in 1987 when tracks like Krush – House Arrest started to dominate the UK charts and I started DJ’ing in ‘89 as there weren’t many folks supporting House music back then and I wanted other people to experience the joy. The House invasion of the charts led me to the underground and I’ve never looked back since.

Over the years I’ve played many clubs, Raves and Festivals from Cornwall to Leeds, London and Manchester from small do’s too big events and played alongside many of the scene’s biggest names.

Fell in love with Fantasy FM when it first started back in 1989 and used to love listening to the likes of DJ Tricks, DJ Rap, Spice, Shadowfax etc and it became a goal in life to have my own House music radio show one day and now it’s an honour to be part of Fantasy FM. Since 92 I’ve played on Kool FM, Eruption 101.3 FM, Shakedown FM, Stompin FM, Smoove 104 FM, Desire FM and I helped get the licence for 102.8 Chorley FM and set up all the Dance music shows on there. Also done a number of internet radio stations too.

Other hobbies include Japanese and Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Kickboxing, Krav Maga, Films (Sy-fy, horror, family), collecting vintage Star Wars and Transformers, retro games consoles, anything retro,  getting out and about, throwing water bombs at strangers,  time with friends & family and of course…collecting vinyl. Throwing water bombs at strangers isn’t true just checking you’re paying attention haha.

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