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After hitting the turntables aged 11. Dean (D-Manic) Nicholson has played all kinds of music. He first touched vinyl on a pair of Garrard SP25 MKIV’s which were encased inside a Citronic Hawaii DJ case back in 1984 after a neighbour and friend (Shaun Dowling) handed them down. Shaun was also paramount in his love of Electro, Funk, Raregroove and Hip-hop, The genres that would take him down the House, Hardcore, Jungle and DnB road later in life.


After playing house parties and small private “Raves” He finally got a break whilst residing in Portugal and was given his first Club set at a popular and underground club called Silver Screen in 1997. This was where the Trance took hold. He perfected his style of play on 1210’s, selecting the best in Dream House and early Balearic trance tracks as well as the odd house banger.


After taking a break from the club scene in 1999 to raise a family, he continued to ply his trade as a pub/venue DJ holding down three resident slots in two of Lewisham’s more popular pub’s and as one of Hollywood Bowls most successful DJ’s in the UK. Photo; Marlowes Bar in Lewisham.


After a marriage breakdown and becoming a single parent, things were looking pretty bleak...., but a gift from his brother Carl soon changed that!!! Armed with a pair of loaned CDJ 1000’s he found his love again and decided to throw himself back into the mix (pun intended) Since bursting back onto the scene last year Dean (D-Manic) Nicholson has earned a residency at Art and supported DJ’s and artists such as Nicholson, Greg Downey, Jon Pleased Wimmen, Phutek, Phil Reynolds, Luck & Neat, So solid Crew, and Lisa Mafia. He will soon be supporting John Askew, Shugz and many more! With a track due for release on Art recordings alongside his brother and inspiration “Nicholson” things are looking good for this dark horse in the wings.


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